For agents

Airline "Yakutia" is glad to invite you to become the sales agent of own electronic stock. 

Airline requirements 

Potential agent should have, no delayed creditor debts and financial guarantee in the form of an advance payment or a bank guarantee.

The list of documents for the agency agreement with "Yakutia" airline:

  • 1. Copy of the Registration Certificate and statement of the tax account;
  • 2. Copies of constituent documents (the Charter, the constituent contract);
  • 3. Copy of the air tickets sales License and the conformity Certificate;
  • 4. Original letter from serving bank about credit history, including current credits. Decode of current credit debts (the sum, return term, the interest rate);
  • 5. Original Inquiry from tax inspection about absence of debts in the budget and off-budget funds, about available settlement accounts;
  • 6. Copy of Balance report for last accounting period, last year and the Report on profits and losses, with a mark of tax inspection;
  • 7. Copy of sales points accreditation IATA Certificate (if available), at all points;
  • 8. Copy of TKP accreditation Certificate (if available), TKP accredited sales points information, number of validators etc.;
  • 9. Information about sale offices;
  • 9.1. Copy of rent, or other property right to occupied offices Document;
  • 9.2. Addresses of head office and points of sales with instructions of the occupied area;
  • 9.3. Photos of all points of sales: street view, workplaces. The photo could be given on CD.
  • 10. Complete list of the administrative board with positions and phones;

Attention! All given documents, should be certified by the signature of the director or the authorized person and the corporate stamp.

Technical requirements:

  • Terminal for access to SITA resources such as SITA Front End Basic (Liaison)
  • The electronic stock;
  • The electronic reports.

applications for the agency agreement should be sent to: agents deptartment