Classes of service


For the passengers showing increased requirements to comfort, "Yakutia" is glad to offer travel onboard the air courts(vessels) in business a class:

  • Top level of service, special care is given to passengers. 
  • Wide variety of newspapers and magazines. 
  • Leather seats, with its slimline, elegant design, provides a surprising amount of comfort and greater privacy. 
  • The various menu and drinks, will make even long-haul easy and pleasant. 
  • On long-haul flight business passengers, "Yakutia" presents special road sets. 
  • The salon is located in a forward part of the plane.


The economy class (ordinary or special tariff) is focused on the maximum value of transportation. It allows to make worthy flight with minimum costs:

  • The salon is located in a tail part of the cabin. 
  • The armchairs and distance between, recline within international standards. 
  • Food and drinks are given according to norms of airline depending on duration of flight. 
  • Warm plaids, board games are provided. 
  • Off the press newspapers are provided.