April 28, 2015 11:37

To the East!

The Yakutia airline invites to a regular flights from Yakutsk and Irkutsk to unforgettable beauty of the Tashkent city. We offer you travel which will awaken in you spirit of the Middle East!

Departure to the capital of the Uzbekistan is possible on Saturdays on aircraft Boeing 737-800.

The minimum price for Yakutsk - Tashkent route with online booking on the "Yakutia" airline website is 227 euro for one-way ticket including all fees. And the minimum price for Irkutsk - Tashkent route is 225 euro for one-way ticket including all fees.

Tashkent population is over two million people, is the biggest and most ancient city in the Central Asia. It is located in the northeast of the country, in the valley of the river Chirchiq.

Its history more than two thousand years. The name "Tashkent" firstly met in the XI century. It means - "the city of stones" or "the stone city".

Ancient monuments are remained in the city, among them architectural constructions of the XV—XVI centuries are stand out. One of them is Hazret Imam's Ensemble.

Madrasah Kukeldash - one of the largest madrasah in Central Asia. It was constructed by the vizier of Tashkent khans. His nickname was Kukeldash - which meant "the foster brother of khan".

Today Tashkent is a large political, economical, scientific and cultural center of Uzbekistan.

In the city there are 9 theaters, Conservatory, set of the museums such as the Uzbekistan Arts museum, The History of Uzbekistan museum.

The museum of Amir Temur history - the ancient commander, founder of the great Timurid empire. The ancient exhibits from the Great Silk way are presented to its exposition.

Rest-hours can be spent in shady gardens with the imagination stunning fountains, concert and show rooms, stadiums, swimming pools or libraries.

In the Tashkent it is necessary to draw your attention to modern architecture individuality. Each of modern buildings is part of national culture. Facades of buildings are decorated with elements of a national ornament. Architects try to observe national traditions.

Theater square with its shady avenues, flowers and the fountain is the favorite vacation place of Tashkent citizens and guests. In the center of the square there is a building of the Alisher Navoi state Bolshoi opera and ballet theater. Actors level allows to perform compositions from classic music world heritage.

Special part of the Uzbek culture is its cuisine. And the main course is traditionally considered pilaf. The Uzbek men are proud of the ability to cook the most unique and tasty pilaf.

The Uzbek cuisine is the simply paradise!

Except pilaf there are "naryn", "kaza", kebabs of all types, "manti", "nohat", "lamian", "chorba", "mastava", "hasip", "samosa" and many other dishes.

As the America can't be imagined without the Statue of Liberty, so the Tashkent can't be imagined without Market. The Uzbek markets - noisy, motley, with abundance of exotic berries and fruit, nuts and spices. Always full of different delicacies and no one leaves market  without purchase.

Tashkent is the amazing city! It successfully combines a national traditions and modernity.

The famous Tashkent television tower – the main monument of Tashkent modern architecture and all Uzbekistan. 375 meters high, it is the highest tower in Central Asia.

Tashkent is the industrial center, including – aviation. There is the Tashkent Chkalov aviation industrial association.

The Tashkent subway is the first subway built in the seismoactive area in Central Asia. Unique facing materials and complexity of architectural lines create beauty of Tashkent underground.

The amusement park Tashkent-Land always welcome to guests of Tashkent. A lot of pleasant emotions and new impressions is guaranteed!

Tashkent evenings are charming! Hundreds of fires, illumination of buildings and constructions light up the night life. Tashkent never sleep!

On city squares activities are carried out by national collectives.

Modern Tashkent is the largest traffic center of Uzbekistan. The international airport "Tashkent" also known as the Tashkent Youzhny airport, its serve flights from major cities of the world.

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