April 05, 2015 22:21

Visiting South Korea

JSC Yakutia Airline representatives as a part of the Sakha Republic delegation visited the Republic South Korea in this week. Meetings with the Gangwon-do province governor Mr. Choi Mun-sun, Korean Air airline management, the Yangyang airport representatives and various travel companies took place within extensive program.

According to the interline agreement of Yakutia airline and Korean Air airline joint action plan of passengers transportations from Russia and South Korea was agreed during negotiations. With the Gangwon-do province and the Sakha republic regional authorities assistance airlines will be working on intergovernmental agreements adjustments with the Rosaviatsia and Ministry of infrastructure and transport of South Korea.

Negotiations about charter flights "Yangyang – Yakutsk" took place with Mr. Bak Chon Su - Gangwon-do province global business, investments and trade department director. For stimulation of new flights the Yangyang airport offered reduced rates and the Gangwon-do province travel companies developed special offers for the Russian tourists. The Yakutia airline will consider charter flight offer of the Yangyang airport. With the Yakutia airline assistance the Korean tour operator "Tour Russia" will visit the Sakha republic in April 2015 for involvement of tourists. The international cooperation in the air transportation has high potential as the Winter Olympic Games of 2018will be held in Gangwon-do province.