April 19, 2015 18:00

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - Anchorage

Alaska - far and close at the same time, familiar to all russian people and firstly discovered by the Russian explorers in XVIII-XIX century. Nowadays it is the 49th state of the USA occupying 1/5 part of the country territory. The land which almost untouched by prompt civilization development. One of the richest regions of our planet with natural resources. Symbol state, "lastfrontier" – the last outpost of the North American continent travelers.

In a summer season 2015 the Yakutia airline will resume operation of flight Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – Anchorage(State Alaska, USA) again.

Flights will be carried out weekly on Saturdays during the period July 11 to August 29 on aircraft Boeing 737-800. Flight time will be 4 hours 20 minutes. Flights will be performed to the Ted Stephens  International airport of Anchorage, located in six kilometers to the southwest from the city.

Alaska has own time zone Alaska Standard Time (AST). Time zone in Anchorage  minus 1 hour from the time on the Western coast, 4 hours behind from the time on East coast and 12 hours difference from the Moscow time. For example 8 o'clock in the morning in Anchorage equals to 9 o'clock in California, midday in Washington and 8 o'clock in the evening in Moscow.

Departure from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky: Saturday 21:30

Arrival to Anchorage: Saturday 05:50

Departure from Anchorage: Saturday 07:30

Arrival in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky: Sunday 08:00

(all times specified in  local time)

The Yakutia airline started performing flights on a route Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – Anchorage in July, 2012. After a long break air operation between the Russian Far East and the most northern state of America was resumed. New opportunities for the international tourism and a cultural exchange became available to passengers of new flight.

Alaska - not only the largest state of the USA, but also the most promising region for development of tourism. 23 national park and the reserve are located in its territory, it is more than in any other state of the country. It is the modern city, the main shopping, transport and tourist center of Alaska.

Anchorage is the unique city surrounded with national parks from all directions. The city is squeezed between two sleeves of Cook Inlet and slopes of Chugach mountains, and represents the largest human enclave in the huge Alaska territory.

Anchorage - the most convenient point to travel to different Alaska reserves.

The famous Chugach park holds the 3rd place by size in the USA and the 2nd place in Alaska. The name was originated from the name of the Eskimos tribe occupying this territory. The nature of park brings to travelers sheer pleasure. Every year climbers and fans of hikes try hands on slopes of Chugach mountains. Must see the magnificent panorama to Cook Inlet surrounded with mountains of the Alaska ridge and Chugach mountains from observation deck in the territory of this scenic park.

Denali National Park - a treasury and the main sight of Alaska. It is the huge reserve with the area of 25 thousand square kilometers, where you will have an opportunity to visit untouched wild nature and to see a many kinds of wild animals: elks, deer, bears, wolves, etc. With good visibility you will have an opportunity to admire magnificent highest peak of the North America – Mount McKinley (6194 meters).

Alaska is called fishing paradise. The abundance of the mountain rivers, lakes, an ocean, ocean gulfs and bays offer you inexhaustible opportunities not only for fascinating fishing, but also for sightseeing over the wild nature of this great land.

Nobody is left indifferent by abundance of various creatures, in water: whales, killer whales, sea lions, otters, dolphins, salmons, and along coast: bears, deer, elks, mountain goats and proud white-headed eagles soaring in sky.

Fishing places surrounded by majestic mountains, scenic bays and islands, woods along coast give magnificent opportunities for photography and admiration of northern country scenery.

If you arrive to Alaska we advise you to visit the Center of animal protection of Alaska. It is not commercial public organization which purpose is wild wounded animals preservation and their treatment, cultivation and a release back to wild nature. The center created big park as a safari: almost fenceless territories with different types of animals in each "pavilion".

For fans of wild nature tours to three different bear observation spots of Alaska are offered. You will be able to see North American brown and black bears in their undisturbed natural habitat. You will have an opportunity to observe how in Alaska they feed at coast of small rivers and streams full of spawning salmon.

Seeing bears is magical experience, strong, unbridled and nomadic animals which population in Alaska is considered one of the biggest in the world.

It is possible to watch for hours how they move along the coastline, collect and chew blackberry and other berries or see them fattening up during one of many red salmon runs. It's not uncommon to see 10 or 15 bears right in front of you, fishing for pink and chum salmon or digging for clams.

On the reindeer farm which is in an hour driving from Anchorage you learn many interesting facts about this traditional inhabitant of Alaska, you will be able not only to recognize reindeers of different species, but also to feed them from hands and take pictures. On the farm lives more than 150 reindeers, 35 elks, 13 horses, and other animals.

Alaska is known not only with bears and snow tracks. The most northern state of the USA is also famous for the national dish - a smoked salmon which is caught here (it is forbidden to farm).

Earlier smoking was considered as the way of fish preservation for winter, and today this dish made Alaska popular around the world. A salmon can be cooked in various variations for every taste, including the well-known salmon sandwiches.

Stake from a reindeer - initially this dish was very popular at Eskimos, and now it can be found in a menu of the most famous restaurants of the State.

Each travel is changes, and travel to severe Alaska is full transformation.

Only here it is possible to meet face to face the wild nature of the northern region: to observe a grizzly bears hunting, floating on a kayak, to see blue whale jumping out of water or to meet wild mountain elks.

But besides a unique extreme, this travel is a good way to test itself, to escape from daily routine and to climb on a glacier or raft on a mountain river.

For more detailed information about flight please call the center of sales and information: 8 800 100 75 77 (toll free within the Russian Federation).

Tickets sale is already started – plan your holiday in advance!