April 28, 2015 07:34

Unforgettable journey to Niigata

Japan is considered as one of the most mysterious countries of the world. Wonderful combination of the ancient culture and the most modern technologies - skyscrapers next to the most ancient temples, on streets it is possible to see people in a kimono and in casual European style or in absolutely extraordinary cloth with unbelievable haircuts on heads, high-speed tracks with the brand new Japanese cars often is near to narrow small streets of the tourist centers, rails of the super-speed train crosses rice paddies, this is typical Japanese landscape.

It is possible to speak for a long time about such unusual, but quite harmoniously existing combination of seemingly different things in Japan. However today we will not speak about Japan, but about one its part, in which as well as in Japan it is possible to observe mixture of traditional and modern.

The Yakutia airline starts direct regular flights to Niigata (Japan), on a modern SSJ-100 aircraft from the cities of Vladivostok and Khabarovsk. We offer you travel which will awaken in you spirit of adventure!

Direct flights Vladivostok – Niigata – Vladivostok will be carried out during the period from July 25 to August 29 on Saturdays. And flights Khabarovsk to Niigata and back will be performed from July 21 to August 25 on Tuesdays.

The central region of Niigata prefecture is the district where the cities of Sanjō and Tsubame are located. These are the main towns of prefecture on production of tools, knives, metal tableware.

The beauty of the nature and abundance of delights vary with change of seasons. The culture and spirit of these places descend from father to son. The Niigata will open something interesting for each traveler.

The Niigata is famous for its hot springs, be loved by Japanese and tourists which is come to ease stress in resorts. The hot springs are located in scenic places surrounded with forest, mountains. Open-air pools  laid out by natural stones are especially popular. Many European and Japanese style hotels are ready to accommodate tourists.

The hotel in traditional Japanese style is called Ryokan, and exactly here it is possible to feel special beauty of Japanese traditions and culture. The Ryokan's participating in Japanese association of hotels differ by the atmosphere, safety, hygiene, conveniences and many other aspects to higher standard than others. They can differ on the scale and construction – the building can be built in wooden traditional style or  in modern style with concrete, but all rooms will be surely sustained in Japanese traditional style. In the Ryokan an easy cotton dressing "Yukata" will be offered to you in which you can walk across the territory of the hotel.

Hot springs bathtubs in the Ryokan are separated to men's and female. Having comfortably stretched in a spacious bathtub, you will be able to relax and restore health.

Most of beaches in Japan are in the Niigata. Clean sand and tender water of the Japan Sea  will please those who prefer relaxed vacation and others will be able to play various water sports, having rented the necessary equipment.

In the summer guests can enjoy walks and sightseeing. In the winter Niigata turns into the largest ski resort which is perfectly equipped. In the resort a choice of excursion routes to remarkable places more than impressive.

It is possible to learn more about prefecture history during excursion to the National museum of Niigata constructed in the middle of Meiji's era, where the big archive of historical documents is collected.

The art works of local masters are demonstrated in the following museums: Art museum of Tsuri, Art museum, Nezu Museum and History Museum.

In the History Museum exposition you get acquainted with industrial history of Niigata prefecture, you get enriched with scientific knowledge, starting from the space sphere, finishing with a microcosm. In the museum there is 18 meters diameter planetarium and a diorama with the moving dinosaurs models. Interactive displays help to make visit very interesting to tourists of any age.

The Rainbow tower is a symbol of Bandai City trade quarter. The observation deck at 100-meter height offer views out over the city and on good days it is possible to see even the remarkable Sado island. Is the highest and visible from everywhere building in the downtown. Besides shops and restaurants, in the building there is a concert hall.

The "Sea of Japan" is the largest oceanarium on the western coast of Japan. Here opens unique opportunity to walk on an underwater tunnel, to participate in a sea safari or to observe Humboldt's penguins. Children surely will like the show of dolphins which is taking place in an oceanarium daily. Here it is possible to see about 20 thousand sea inhabitants of 450 species.

Niigata is also called a paradise for gourmets. The fine Japanese food is presented in all variety at restaurants and cafe of the city, and all unique local dishes of prefecture can be tasted, traveling to its various locations.

Traditional Japanese meal – is the ritual which can include up to 20 dishes.

Obligatory components are "syokuzen-shu" (aperitif), "van mori" (the soup served before main dishes), "sukuri" (raw fish, "sashimi"), "maybusu" (an original dish from the chef), made dish from local delicacies, rice, vegetables and fruits.

And now a little about the traditional. Niigata prefecture among other things is the largest producer of rice in Japan. It takes 60% of total prefecture agricultural production. Rice is used not only as the main Japanese dish, but also used for production of rice sweets and rice wine "sake" as it is been called abroad, either "nihonshu" or "seishu" – as native Japanese speak.

The Niigata prefecture is known in Japan as "The rice wine empire". Fresh air, clear water, the glorified Niigata rice and traditions of a "sake" brewery is the reasons of excellent "sake" production. In such optimum conditions a famous brands of the first-class rice wine is made under strict control of skilled masters of "Etigo-Tōji" - so called the "sake" masters from Niigata, keepers of centuries-old traditions. Now in Niigata there are 96 small "sake" breweries, on some of which it is possible to take excursion. There you will be able to taste high quality "sake" and exam wine cellars. In recent years consumption of "nihonshu" in Japan is steadily reduced but in Europe, America and Asia popularity of this drink only grows.

To feel a charm of ancient traditions of the country it is possible on colorful festivals of prefecture. There is a set of the annual holidays devoted to change of seasons. For example the "Niigata Festival" last's three days. In the first day the holiday begins with the dance " Daiminyonagashi" in which 14 thousand people take part.

In the second day Japanese style parade is carried out. Every evening of festival the sky over the longest river of Japan - "Sinano", in the center of prefecture becomes a scene of beautiful fireworks show. The residents and tourists come to admire this really amazing show of "fiery flowers". The night sky lights up with the fireworks soaring up to 600 meters height.

The capital of the country - Tokyo can be reached in hour and a half by the high-speed train "Shinkansen" departing every 30 minutes.

The Niigata is fascinating. The beauty and culture of the whole country is presented in any part of this prefecture.

There is everything that attracts travelers in the country of a rising sun: hotels and shopping, ski resorts, excellent beaches, entertainments – from family to extreme, the colorful holidays and mysterious traditions of old Japan which remained untouched by civilization progress.

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