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Summer flights schedule of the Yakutia airline

Since March 29 the Yakutia airline switched to the summer flights schedule till October 24, 2015. During the specified period more than 60 regular flights in Russia and to the other countries will be performed.

Summer flights schedule of the Yakutia airline include twelve directions of the Republic arctic zones passengers subsidized air transportation program. The program is meant to provide air transport availability for Yakutia regional air traffic. Special reduced tariff are available to youth till 23 years (inclusive) and to passengers older than 55 years.

Also the Yakutia airline is active participant of subsidized federal program. Within this program the new schedule included eight flights with a special reduced tariff without age restrictions.

In 2013 the Government of the Russian Federation accepted the passengers subsidized air transportation program from the Far East in to the European part of the country. The Yakutia airline transports with a special tariffs youth till 23 years, women older than 55 years and men older than 60 years in ten directions. The most popular routes are the flights to Sochi and Anapa which are traditionally resumed in the summer schedule.

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Flights from Yakutsk

Most of the Yakutia airline flights in the summer schedule will be carried out from the capital of the Sakha Republic

On some popular directions due to the increased seasonal demand and for convenience of passengers the flights frequency will be increased.

Since March 31 "Yakutia" increased the flights frequency on a route Yakutsk – Bratsk – Krasnoyarsk. Flights are carried out 3 times a week on a modern russian aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100. Flight time to Bratsk takes 2 hours 20 minutes, second haul to Krasnoyarsk about 1 hour. Flight total time to Krasnoyarsk takes 4 hours 50 minutes.

The Bombardier Q400 aircraft in the summer schedule will perform flights from Yakutsk to Neryungri, Khabarovsk, Blagoveshchensk and Ulan-Ude. Due to the increased seasonal demand and for passengers convenience flights to directions Yakutsk – Ulan-Ude and Yakutsk – Blagoveshchensk from June will be performed with the increased frequency.

In June additional flight to St. Petersburg with departure time 14:30 on Tuesdays will allow to plan summer travel more conveniently. Flight will be performed on the comfortable Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Since June 1 route Yakutsk – Chita – Yakutsk will be resumed. The flight to administrative center of Zabaykalsky Krai and the Chita area will be available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Travel time on the Bombardier Q400 aircraft will be 3 hours.

Since July 11 the resumed direct flight from Yakutsk to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, with opportunity to continue travel to Anchorage (USA) will become a novelty of the summer schedule. The flight will allow the Russian tourists to get to the Alaska state largest city with main airport of the region. Travel time will be 4 hours 20 minutes.

Also in the Yakutia airline summer schedule for passengers from Yakutsk also included regular direct international flights to the capital of South Korea – the Seoul city and China - the Beijing and Harbin cities.

Flights from Khabarovsk

The new flight in summer schedule from an administrative center of the Far East federal district and Khabarovsky Krai to the Yakutia republic "diamond" city on the modern Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft. The flight Khabarovsk – Mirny - Khabarovsk is performed since April 2 weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Departure time from Khabarovsk is 12:00, an arrival to Mirny at 13:45. Departure time from Mirny is 14:45, an arrival to Khabarovsk at 19:20.

Also the Yakutia airline in the summer schedule 2015 continues the flights program from Khabarovsk to Anadyr, Blagoveshchensk, Magadan, Okha, Yakutsk.

Flights from Krasnodar

In the summer schedule from March 30 for Krasnodarsky Krai citizens and guests convenience the flight Krasnodar – Moscow – Krasnodar is resumed.

Regular flights from Krasnodar Krai an administrative center to the cities of Novosibirsk, Magadan and St. Petersburg will proceed.

Also it will be possible to travel abroad on regular flights of Yakutia airline from the Krasnodar airport to the largest city of Uzbekistan – Fergana and the capital of the Czech Republic - Prague.

Flights from Moscow

In the summer schedule flight Moscow - Yakutsk - Moscow will be carried out daily and flight Moscow – Neryungri-Moscow since June 2 will be carried out with the increased frequency - 3 times a week.

Flight Moscow – Tiksi – Moscow will begin from the second half of May. Flight will be performed once in two weeks on Thursdays. Flight time on Boeing737-700, 800 aircrafts will take 5 hours 45 minutes.

Since June 1 "Yakutia" will start flights on route Moscow – Sochi – Moscow. Flights will be performed 5 times a week, and since June 15 – daily.

Yakutia airline developed the new 2015 schedule taking into account seasonal demand features. Summer routes provide convenient transfer between Yakutia airline flights at the nodal airports that will allow passengers to save travel time.

Information on Yakutia airline flights, the schedule and tickets booking in all directions available on airline website.

Also it is possible to book tickets and receive additional information from the center of sales and information by phone – 8 800 100 75 77.

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