May 21, 2015 11:23

Flights from Krasnodar

In the summer schedule of Yakutia airline flights from Krasnodar to Novosibirsk and Magadan on Boeing 737-700/737-800 aircrafts with two service classes will proceed (business class and economy class).
On Saturdays from Krasnodar at 15:40 it will be possible to take off for Uzbekistan to the Fergana city and appreciate national culture, the Uzbek feast and hospitality. Arrival to Fergana at 21:15 local time.

Also there is the international flight from Krasnodar to the capital of the Czech Republic, its largest city – Prague. A departure from Krasnodar on Sundays at 7 o'clock in the morning, arrival to Prague just by a breakfast in convenient morning time at 09:35 local time. Don't miss opportunity to try a pie "Prague" and to begin day with a magnificent breakfast.