10.1. The program participants may choose the following awards (appendix 5) for the points of the program:

  • one way ticket in economy, business or economy-comfort class (award ticket) made out according application sent to free-flight@yakutia.aero;
  • round-trip ticket in economy, business or economy-comfort class (award ticket) made out according application sent to free-flight@yakutia.aero.

10.2. The program participant may choose the award if he has enough points on his account, according to the table of point calculation and the cost of awards.

10.3. The class of service upgrade of award ticket is not allowed.

10.4. The airline Yakutia reserves the right to refuse registration of the prize ticket for concrete flight and date of a departure.

10.5. The Yakutia airline allows to buy a package of points (500 points - 500 rubles) to the participant of the program having on the account points for perfect flight in the current year. Within calendar year you can purchase no more than 3 packages of points and no more than 1 (one) package within a month.

10.6. Payment for a package of points by a plastic card through POS – the terminal of airline.

10.7. Purchase of a package of points on the basis of the written statement (Appendix No. 3) sent to the address free-flight@yakutia .aero.

10.8. The points of unused award ticket would be reinstated to the FreeFlight account of the member after the carrier has been notified about intent of the passenger to cancel their travel before check-in is complete at the airport. The refund process may take up to 30 days from the application received and ticket returned. A fee of RUB 1500 / EUR 25 per flight coupon is applicable for the transaction.

10.9. The period of validity of the award ticket, issued by using the points of the program one year after the date of issuance if any other cases are not specified.

10.10. The program participant is responsible for paying all airport and other taxes and fees charged for a flight, and also all charges of agencies for booking and refund of the award.

10.11. The yakutia airlines may refuse the class of service increase request and the departure date because of absence of seats.