Loyalty program

Yakutia Free Flight contact information: free-flight@yakutia.aero

1.1. The rules regulate the basic provisions of the frequent flyer program (further the program).

1.2. The yakutia airlines can make any changes concerning the conditions of point calculation, the award provision and the fare list, when the level of class increase is not available.

1.3. The yakutia airlines may void or change the program or its part any time with or without the prior notification. In case of cancellation of the program, all points of the participants can be void. The yakutia airlines would not be responsible for any losses and wastes as the result of that changes and cancellations.

1.4. The participant of the program accepts all rules and conditions written in the company website.

1.5. The rules concern all participants of the program.

1.6. The program essence is to give the points to every participant for the flights of the yakutia airlines, depending on the distance of flight and its class of service. There is an ability to get the award in the form of free ticket and class of service increase in the yakutia airlines flights.

1.7. The participant of the program is able to register in the program, to get the account information, to enter his code before purchasing a ticket in the yakutia airlines website and to register the award ticket.