May 25, 2015 00:32

New route Yakutsk - Okhotsk

From 1st of June Yakutia airline will operate a new flight from the capital of Sakha Republic to the administrative and industrial center of Okhotsky district, Khabarovsky krai - Okhotsk. Town is located on the Okhotsk Sea coast, near the mouth of Okhota River.

The main appeal of Okhotsk to tourists is fishing. The fauna of northern part of the Okhotsk Sea consist of over 123 fish species. Ringed, bearded, spotty, skewbald seals could be met in coastal water-side of Okhotsk Sea. A herring, a halibut, a cod, a navaga, a pollock, a capelin, shrimps have fishery value. A summer season hit are a flounder and crabs. The rivers of the Okhotsk are rich of goldilocks, a grayling. The humpback salmon, a loach, a red salmon and a silver salmon comes here for spawning.

Regular flight Yakutsk – Okhotsk – Yakutsk will be carried out three times a week on An-24 aircraft. The route is in the Federal program of subsidized flights as regional  flight. Price of subsidized tariff ticket in one direction will be 7 665 rubles for all categories of citizens without any age restrictions.

Additional information - Sales and information center of the "Yakutia" airline: 8 800 100 75 77.