Travelling with pets

Transportation of pets by "Yakutia" is carried out under the preliminary coordination with airline, and also with the permission of the arrival or transit countries at the international flights.(3 days prior flight date)
  1. For transportation of pets as cargo please send aplication by e-mail:
  2. For transportation of pets in a luggage please declare at ticketing agent when booking.
  3. For transportation of pets in an aircraft economy salon please declare at ticketing agent when booking. Notice: pets weight with carrying case should not exceed 6 kg.
  4. A pet can only travel with an adult passenger aged 18 or older.
For convenience of passengers pets (dogs, cats, birds) are accepted for transportation in a luggage compartment in cages, (cages aren't provided), or with special equipment. Presence of veterinary certificate with hydrophobia inoculation in 30 days prior to flight is mandatory (for international flights, international certificates are required).

Carrying case requirements, sum of 3 side dimensions should not exceed 115 cm.

Transportation of pets is charged according to actual weight and the tariffs established by a carrier.