About ticket


Check in at the airport

For registration at the airport it is necessary to have the passport for adults and the birth certificate for children. The itinerary receipt contains all data about your flight, so it is recommended to have it at registration. Also itinerary receipt is required during passport control passage as the proof of round trip or transfer flight. 

At some airports in Russia itinerary receipt could be necessary to aviation safety services before proceeding to an airport.

Electronic ticket purchase report for accounting  

According to the order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation №03-03-06.4.99 from 17.07.2007, itinerary receipt, boarding pass, and bank payment receipt must be accepted as a proof of a trip by organization accounting department.

What e-ticket certifies

The electronic ticket is the official document certifying agreement for air transportation between the passenger and airline, as well as its paper type. 
Booking Confirmation Letter is an official confirmation of a booked trip with our airline.

Changing or Cancelling your booking

In order to make a change to itinerary, including:

  • amending departure dates
  • correcting passenger names
  • changing or correcting travel document details

or to cancel a booking made on www.yakutia.aero website, submit a query quoting the e-ticket number and complete passenger name.

Direct the query to info@yakutia.aero from email address used at the time of booking.

Amount due for refund will be charged back to the bank card used for purchase.


Amendments to passenger details

Changes to passenger name details, spelling of surname, forename, or passport data incur a fee:

  • Tickets purchased online via the airline's official website or the call-center (Sales and Information hotline) - RUB 500 or EUR 10 
  • Tickets purchased at Travel Agencies or third-party websites - RUB 1000 or EUR 15.
  • From 15 September 2016 itinerary changes incur a service fee of 300 RUB.

The airline does not permit ticket reissue/rebooking/transfer to another person.

Ticket refund or exchange

Depending on which Fare Family a Booking Class belongs to, refunds and itinerary change may be not permitted (non-refundable) or be subject to a fee of RUB 1500 / EUR 25 per flight coupon. Surcharge may also be applicable within selected intervals prior to departure and a fee may be deducted from collected airfare. For details, please refer to the Fare Rules table:

Fare Rules Table
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  • 2017-06-16
From 15 September 2016 ticket exchange and refunds incur a service fee of 300 RUB.

Online payment for ticket

Self-booking and purchase of the ticket on a web site of the aircompany or in the Booking Centre helps passenger to save time and money. The tariffs offered on a “Yakutia" web site and the Booking Centre, favorably differ from offered in avia-desks. 
You could pay by Visa, MasterCard and MIR.

Attention: Visa Electron and MasterCard Maestro not accepted.

Credit card payment procedure:

  • booking on a website

1. In «Booking/sale of tickets» section in the column «payment method» choose «Payment by a credit card». At the end of booking you will be redirected to a bank payment site. Pay attention, that you have only 15 minutes on filling and confirmation of data. This is necessary condition for safety of your payment. To keep within the specified time interval prepare all documents in advance.

2. Fill the offered fields, also CVC/СVV (last three digits on a card backside). it is strict to enter data as specified on a card.

3. Upon successful payment, Booking Confirmation letter will be sent to the email address specified during the process. It contains flight details and Passenger Name Locator number (aka Reference Number) which should be quoted in any queries regarding the booking.

4. Payment confirms instantly with end of operation. Before booking by a credit card notice, that conditions of internet online payment have not changed in connection with additional security measures. Possibly, your bank already use MasterCard Secure Code or Verified by Visa technology, with additional disposable codes making non authorized use of card practically impossible. For the detailed information please refer to your bank.

  • by the Booking Center 8-800-100-7577:

1. Inform the operator of the Booking Center that you will pay with credit card and you will get tickets with minimum available tariffs.

2. Checkup your issued order with an operator before payment.

3. Inform necessary data of you card for payment.

4. Receive an itinerary-receipt on the e-mail specified at booking.

Safety: no need to worry about safety issue of the personal information. All data transferred through the protected data transmission protocol SSL to the server which guarantees confidentiality.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) the protocol that provides safety of a communication channel between a web-server and a browser of the user. Channel guarantees check and confirmation of authenticity of a source, and also confidentiality and integrity of transferred data.

Besides, Visa and MasterCard invest millions dollars in research of new methods of data protection for safety of clients. Their methods are approved worldwide and accepted on arms in many other companies.

Attention: You could pay a ticket by other person’s credit card. But unauthorized use of other person’s credit card is illegal.