Khabarovsk - Mirny

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Mirny is a town and the administrative center of Mirninsky District of the Sakha Republic, Russia, located 820 kilometers (510 mi) west of Yakutsk on theIrelyakh River (Vilyuy's basin). Population: 37,188 (2010). Mirny was founded in 1955 after the discovery of a nearby kimberlite pipe by an expedition led by Yury Khabardin. Town status was granted to it in 1959.

The Mir mine is in the town. It is an open hole, 525-meter (1,722 ft) deep and has a diameter of 1.25 kilometers (0.78 mi) (reckoned to be the 4th largest in the world). The mine was closed in 2011, due to the difficulties of working in that location.