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List of authorized to transport onboard subjects and substances:

In luggage compartments with the isolated access of passengers to luggage during flight:

- Crossbows, spearguns, swords, sabres, hangers, rapiers, bayonets, daggers, knifes: with locks, simulators of any kind of the weapon.
- Household knifes, scissors with a length of blades over 60 mm.
- Liquids and alcoholic drinks with the ethanol volume no more than 70%, in the container for retail trade no more than 5 litres per passenger.
- The sprays for sports or household use, with a valves protected from spontaneous release of content, in capacities no more than 0,5 kg or 500 ml for one piece. Total capacity not more than 2 kg or 2 litres per passenger.

In the hand luggage:

- Medical thermometer – one per passenger.
- Tonometer in a case - one per passenger.
- Barometer or a manometer in hermetic case.
- Disposable lighters - one per passenger
- Ice for cooling of perishable food - no more than 2 kg per passenger.
- 3 % hydrogen peroxide - no more than 100 ml per passenger.
- Harmless liquids, gels and the sprays in capacities no more than 100 ml (or equivalent capacity in other units of measure) packed into transparent plastic package no more than 1 litre - one pack per passenger.

Liquids in capacity more than 100 ml not accepted for transportation, even they are filled partially.

Exceptions for transportation restrictions have: medicines, child food and special diet products.

Liquids bought in duty free or onboard should be packed into plastic package providing identification of purchase in duty free or onboard in day of a trip.

The administration of the airport has the right to make additional measures on maintenance of flight safety and forbid for transportation in cabin following subjects:

- Corkscrews.
- Hypodermic injection needles (without the medical substance).
- Knitting spokes.
- Scissors with length of blades less than 60 mm.
- Clasp knifes with length of blade less than 60 mm.

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